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Smitten Kitchen has brought us yet another heavenly recipe: crispy, creamy toffee chocolate ice cream sandwiches with a delicate sprinkling of toasted almonds and sea salt. She's termed them, quite appropriately, saltine crack ice cream sandwiches. That's crack as in the addictive substance, not as in what saltines do when you bite into them (although I imagine the light crunch lent by these classic crackers is nothing short of transcendental). If you make these chocolate-dipped summer treats, beware: the addiction might be more than you can handle. ;)
Don't these look amazing?? The recipe can be found over at Smitten Kitchen.
Wow, that wasn't a typo at all. These look like they could be really, really, really addictive!
I finally feel safe coming clean here: I've been dipping saltines in nutella for years!