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Ricky Martin and William Hung said it best, "she bang, she bang."

It may be humid and hot out, but that shouldn't stray you away from rockin' some amazing bangs. Bangs are perfect for any season and whoever says otherwise clearly doesn't know what they're talking about. Take our advice and get those bangs chopped. What are you waiting for? Stop what you're doing, pick up the phone and make a hair appointment so you can get bangin' for the summertime!

The Olivia Pope Bang:

Our favorite lady rocks an amazing bang and she does it well. We have seen Ms. Pope rock her bangs on several occasions and she has never failed us. Her perfectly wispy bangs with a slight curl, perfectly frame her face making us and Mr. Ezra Fitz fall even more in love with her.

The Kim Kardashian Bang:

I mean, let's face it -- Kim Kardashian can do no wrong. Her famous side swept bang that slightly covers her eye is extremely feminine. Let's just say, sexy meets mysterious.

The Jessie J Bang:

What's more perfect than Jessie J's voice? Her bangs of course. When you think perfect Chinese bang, Jessie J should immediately come to mind. Talk about effortless and trendy.

The Anne Hathaway Bang:

Oh, you thought bangs were only for those ladies with longer tresses? Think again ladies. Anne Hathaway has showed us how to rock bangs with a short do and don't you agree, she wears it so well? Simple and chic, we all for it! Perfect hairstyle for the warm weather.