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Thank goodness the fashion community is finally starting to catch on to what the rest of us figured out a long time ago: not everyone is a size 0 and has flawless skin. And I'm so glad everyone doesn't look the same because think about how boring that would be! Photoshop has long been a tool of photograghers and fashion designers to digitally nip and tuck women (and men) to make them look flawless (although I think it just looks incredibly unnatural). Some massive brands have started to realize that putting real women on their ads, instead of unnattainable fake women, actually makes people feel good (and want to buy their clothes more). Here are my favorite "real women" ad campaigns.
#Aeriereal It's pretty bold of a lingerie brand to lead the pack on not photoshopping their models and finding real women to model their clothes. But, Aerie took it on full force. From tattoos to love handles, these women are about as real as you can get.
Dove Real Beauty Dove has really taken off with their real beauty campaigns, from featuring women of all shapes and sizes to encouraging better body image. This makes me want to buy their products that much more.
Bongo unretouched ad Yes, they are still using a celebrity as their model, but Bongo is on the right track. The company just released its first set of ads that are unretouched, featuring Vanessa Hudgens.
Ultimo This company went one step further. The ads feature women who have battled cancer. The models say they want to prove that you can still be and feel sexy even if you have or have had cancer.
@shannonl5 oh really? I didn't know they were owned by the same company. maybe axe should take a cue from dove in their campaigns
Dove is always #1 on my list. They get so close to cheesy but it puts great ideas in self-conscious women's heads.
I really love these! I'm a bit skeptical of Dove since they're owned by the same company responsible for Axe. Overall I'm glad a more diverse definition of beauty is being embraced!
Yeah @JordanNash they're both owned by Unilever it would be awesome if the company spread the same message across all their brands