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Gahhhhhhhhh Bumkeyyyyyyyy!!!!! Its been so long......゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚ Lol this was such an adorable idea for a teaser<33 Felt personal.....which is great for us fans.
I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE MV RELEASE. Well yeah....I can....but you know what I mean....
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@MattK95 I couldn't help myself.....I can never wait. If there's a button to press I'll press it Lol.
LOL This teaser is like an annoying Snapchat your cheesy vocally-talented ex-boyfriend would send you when he's drunk.
@danidee BWAHAHAHAHA XD OMG you've gotten a snapchat like this haven't you?? ←_←
I just read my previous comment, I really need to start rereading my comments so I don't get caught with Autocorrect changing the words again :/
He sounds so good! Gave me the feels ^^