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K-Drama stars are multitalented! Most are models, actors, AND singers. Many sing for their drama's OST, mainly as part of promotion. While they all sound good for most part, some actors have beautiful voices that separate them from the rest. Here are a few of my favorite actors that also sing well.
Kang Ha Neul
Both this song and the drama (Angel Eyes) are heart-breaking. Kang Ha Neul's angelic voice makes the song even more emotional!
Seo In Guk
Seo In Guk's melodious voice was somewhat unexpected, but pleasantly surprising. I did not realize it was him singing until I saw the OST list for Master's Sun!
Park Seo Joon
I feel like Park Seo Joon's alluring voice makes this delightful love song even more captivating! It really added to the romantic theme of the drama (Witch's Romance).
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I DIDNT EVEN KNOW PARK SEO JOON SANG.....well I have someone new to fangirl over xD