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2013's Locke stars Tom Hardy as the titular character. The whole film takes place in his car during a two hour drive. Let's take a look at how excessive talking (instead of a lack of talking) can help enrich a scene.
The monologues collected above from Locke to his father tell us a lot about his mental state and what he's going through as it's happening.
It's obvious he has some disdain for his father and we learn that his dad had abandoned him when he was younger. And even though -- at times -- he sounds happy that his father is gone, it's obvious that he still cares about what his father might think of him.
Again, we have to take a close look at Hardy's acting in these scenes. He goes from calm to unhinged in a couple of seconds during each monologue. It's important to take notice of the way he curses his father then immediately tries to plead or teach his father something.
This gives us a peek inside of Locke's head. We are listening/seeing Locke process and work through his thoughts about his father. Throughout the film we can see him do this with the decisions that he makes.
It's rare thing when we -- the audience -- can watch the way a character thinks his way through the emotions that he's feeling.
I really enjoy the way these scenes capture absolute loneliness. I've definitely been in the position Locke is in, driving for hours with something terrible on my mind.
And sometimes, the best thing to do let all of those thoughts out. Like making your mouth an open faucet for all the thoughts that are clouding your mind.
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When I used to get stressed, I would drive. I would sometimes drive to another city without realizing that I had driven there. My body just knew what to do. But that's dangerous though...