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I've been playing video games for a considerable amount of my life, originating back to my youthful days as a starry-eyed child. For my 7th birthday, my mom bought me my first gaming device, a bright yellow Gameboy Color. My first game? Naturally, it was the classic Super Mario Bros Deluxe. I played the ever-living crap out of that game, beating it and finding all of the shortcuts and other oddities the game could offer. It was a marvelous time for young me, a time of discovery.
I was enraptured by the Gameboy, and spent hours upon hours playing it. I would go through untold packs of batteries in the years that I spent with that device, probably making my mother regret ever buying it for me.
But Super Mario wasn't the game that truly made those batteries necessary. No, it wasn't for love of that dimunitive Italian plumber that I cracked all the cartilage in my youthful thumbs.
It was for Pokemon Red.
Oh, yes, Pokemon Red. How fondly I remember thee. Even just looking at that image above, I am brought back to the beautiful days when I had just begun my Pokemon journey. I can remember the thrill of opening the plastic-wrapped game box, the excitement upon slapping the fresh cartridge into the eagerly waiting slot.
Pokemon started a magical journey for me, as it awakened me really as a gamer. I put some considerable effort and care into raising my Pokemon, making sure they rose to their truest potentials. I nicknamed my Pokemon, giving them each a special place in my heart. They were my partners on this quest, and I truly felt a connection betwixt us.
Red started my career not only as a Pokemon master, but ultimately as a gamer in general. It taught me the rudimentaries of games, and the necessity of grinding.
And it was all because of the Gameboy.
I loved Pokemon games too!! Although I preferred Pokemon Yellow, because of cute little pikachu following you around everywhere ^^
@k8wnba20 right on, man! OGs never get old.
I still have and play my yellow gameboy color, I'll never get rid of it.
@allischaaff I really wanted pokemon yellow when it came out but at that point my mom was all "you already have a pokeman game!"
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