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If you don't have a morning routine, it's probably a good idea to develop one. Here, we'll get into what a realistic morning routine will look like, and what it can do for you.

1. Breathe and Visualize

Although visualization and working out aren't for's the thought that counts. Right?
Sitting down for at least a few minutes, or just laying in bed and thinking consciously about your day will do you wonders.

2. Work Out Just a Little Bit

Even if you can do 10 sit-ups in the morning it's better than none. Try to get your blood flowing before you get in the shower or get ready for your work day.

3. Eat Something Damn It

Just have a little something, I know it's annoying and half the time I don't follow this either, but it will make you better. Just try.

4. Listen to Your Favorite Music As You Walk Out The Door

I love listening to my favorite bands in the morning, it gets me excited to start my day. Curate a playlist to jam to on the way to work whether you're on the subway or driving down the highway you'll feel more energized and your morning will fade into the afternoon without a hitch!
The first step to my morning is always my last step of night - MAKE A TO DO LIST. It keeps me from panicking hahahah
I really like this list (the infographic and your own list!) It's all doable things to make sure you add to your morning routine.
I love this list! To add something, studies have shown that drinking 16 oz of water before you drink or eat anything else clears your mind and helps you feel more energized. I have a hard time doing it myself lately, however, when I have been on a strict regimen of doing so it does wonders! I chug water hence the reason behind why its hard for me to do so. When I wake up I'm typically full already. Hope it helps! ;)
My first step in the morning is always drinking cold water. It make our body more actively ><
@TessStevens - I love your, "...just try." I needed to read this again :) I mean, I needed your message - Xo!
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