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Its hard not to feel trapped in your own life, especially during your 20's when everyone expects you to know exactly how to live your life and then has a lot to say when they think you're doing it wrong.
We all long for that freedom we read about, living free from responsibilities, uprooting to a new place whenever we feel, and living life day by day with no plans for the future.
While that sounds like a dream, here are a few tips that can help you find small freedoms in your life so that you feel more in control, and maybe even a bit more carefree.
1. Start saying NO!
Every single person I have ever met, myself included, always feels the need to do things out of politeness or to be a good friend. Which is fine, its always nice to do someone a favor, but you don't have to do all the favors. Start saying no, you have that freedom. It will feel awesome to only be doing stuff that you actually want to do, not stuff that you feel pressured into doing.
2. Do NOT compare yourself
Comparing yourself will only rip away every awesomely individual thing about you. Plus trying to compare yourself to someone else will only lead to disappointment. You will never be like them because you are you. The weight that will be lifted off your shoulders when you finally realize that will make you feel like you can fly.
3. Push Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Nothing makes me feel more free then when I know I'm doing something bad...or at least different. Now I'm not here to tell you to do something illegal, but doing something that totally "isn't you" makes you feel like no one can tell you want to do, how to act, or how to live your life. So dye your hair a crazy color, get a piercing, drive really fast down a dirt road. It's the idea that you are doing something so out of character that makes you feel like you can be anyone you want to be, no matter what.
4. Let Go Of Things
One of the things we are most jealous of when we think about free spirits is their ability to drop everything and leave. The only way you can do that is to let go of things that you don't need. Live minimally and you'll have enough space for all the new things coming your way. Let go of the people who make you unhappy and cherish the ones that do. You build better relationships once you free up your mind from both physical and mental clutter.
5. Spend Money On Experiences Not Things
I once heard that people who spend money on experiences like travel, food, classes, plays, ext, are happier then people who spend money on things. The bigger the house doesn't mean the better your life is. Spending money to go out with friends, or to try something new, and maybe a little dangerous (skydiving), will help you lead a fuller life. This, in turn, will make you feel freer. You don't need a big house just to confine you, toss that money to a plane ticket and you are free to see the world.
6. Do Something Spontaneous
Nothing will make you feel more free then just picking up and doing something on the whim. It doesn't have to be a cross country road trip, you can just stop whatever you're doing and instead do what you actually want to do at that moment. Planning out your entire day can and will drive you crazy. So give into yourself sometimes and just say fuck it. You'll have an amazing time.
7. Stop Apologizing For Being You
So someone doesn't like how you feel. Sucks for them. You don't have to invalidate yourself just to make someone else comfortable. Be who you are, and the people that love you will stick around and the people who leave just helps you clear out the clutter in your life. There is nothing more freeing then sticking to your beliefs without apology.
It is not always an option, but cutting loose and leaving an unsatisfying job worked wonders for me... so far
I've found that not spending time with people who aren't worth my time is the best decisions I made when it came to my freedom.
@Goyo i guess that works too!! maybe i just like karaoke so id dint even think about that. You should go for that !
Ur example of push out of your comfort zone was definitely not what I was expecting lol I was thinking more like try singing at a karaoke bar lol