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Today the FDA banned artificial trans fats from food products, but do they really have a fat chance at improving America’s obesity problem?
But is it helpful?
Manufactures have until 2018 to take out those icky ingredient and replace them. OR submit a petition to keep them in and explain exactly why they are healthy...Is that REALLY banning it?
The FDA thinks it is.
According to the FDA, banning artificial trans fats can "prevent thousands of fatal heart attacks every year.”
Maybe America is finally taking steps to becoming a healthier nation.
Nestle said in February that it would remove artificial flavors and certified colors from more than 250 products by the end of 2015.
Then Kraft decided to shake up their Mac and Cheese and take out all artificial flavors, artificial preservatives, and synthetic colors. And apparently it tastes the same...THANK THE LORD.
Finally, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut tagged along eliminating artificial colors and flavors too. The full transition should take place in July.
Anyway, hopefully this is one step of many in the process to becoming a healthier nation. Let’s just say in the food world, it’s kinda a big dill...
"it’s kinda a big dill"...... i am trying not to laugh at this lol
Totally! Now combine @caricakes thought about healthy being cool and @danidee restaurants needing to cook healthier and we've got healthy cool restaurants all over the U.S. Right?
@nicolejb its just that image lol... I feel confused lol
I feel like more and more it is becoming 'cooler' to be healthier in America? A few years ago it was all about the fried oreo, but now people won't stop talking about kale! Hopefully this can make it less of a trend and more of a permanent lifestyle for Americans.
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