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So you've finally been invited to the most anticipated wedding of the year! You ONLY have these three Basil Soda gowns to choose from to wear as a guest. Which is it going to be?
I shared with you more stunning gowns by the same designer that you can see here. And you should because this guy's geometric and body armor aesthetic is all at once feminine and delicate.
Be sure to leave a comment about your favorite of the three. These are strong contenders for moms that need something gorgeous to wear also. Don't frump around in polyester, pant suits or boleros. Click here for some ideas for moms.
I choose the one on the right馃挋
i would wear the first one! The other two look more tight and seem to fit a certain body type more than others.
These are too extravagant for wedding guests. Unless, I'm attending a royal wedding I wouldn't wear this
The one on the far right (#3)
Lol @ModernRomance yeah these are for that epic wedding. like your rich 2nd cousin.... I love these dresses. mom's can wear these too
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