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The salad-in-a-jar (or "jar salad," if you will) is a flawless lunch choice. It's classier (and okay, more hipster) than an old plastic tupperware; it's easy to pack full of healthy goodies; and, best of all, it allows you to eat in LAYERS.
Look at all those layers. Layer upon layer of deliciousness.
It's easy to make your own jar salad! Just follow the handy guide above, or these easy instructions. Throw in complementary leftovers and/or whatever produce you have on hand, and poof! The coolest lunch on the block.
First, pour a couple tablespoons of dressing.
Next, add hearty ingredients, such as beans, tofu, chicken, carrots, peppers, or cucumber.
On top of that, put lighter ingredients, like quinoa, grains, nuts, fruit, or crumbly cheese.
Finally, throw in a big handful of greens, such as baby spinach, spring mix, or arugula.
And there you have it! A perfect salad-in-a-jar. Great for work lunches or an on-the-go snack. Just poke it around or shake to mix things up, and then nom away!
That's cool I gotta try that! it's like a salad parfait :)
One of these would go well with a Tropicana juice. Yum! I can taste it right now.
Yayayay! :) so glad you enjoyed, @Miadollerina!
Love it! @allischaaff
looks good
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