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If you haven't already seen it, here's one of the few reasons you need to watch "It's Okay, That's Love": Do Kyung Soo (as Han Kang Woo)! From start to finish, D.O. will captivate you with this adorable character! (Be ready for feels though, there'll be a LOT of those!)
Here are some of the best Kang Woo moments from the drama!
Kang Woo turning into a fanboy every time he saw his favorite author, Jae Yeol (Us K-drama fanboys and fangirls can relate!)
Kang Woo practicing his self defense moves to prove himself to Jae Yeol! (Cute D.O. puppy all toughed up!)
Kang Woo showing off his badass skills to Jae Yeol! (Can I do this if I ever meet D.O.?)
Kang Woo having the time of his life running around with Jae Yeol! (He looks like a tiny kid next to Jo In Sung!)
Kang Woo being comforted by his idol. (If only our idols could comfort us like this whenever we're feeling down!)
Kang Woo hitting us right in the feels with his puppy eyes. (This happens a lot in the drama!)
To end on a happy note, let's remember all the happy Kang Woo biking moments! ^_^
Watch out for more cards about this drama in my collection! :D
@poojas yeah I did. Have you seen the new drama I Remember You? I literally cried because kyungsoo's acting was so good.
I love his character in this drama he's so adorable and happy which makes it all the more sad when u find out the truth. I didn't even get to tht part but my friend told me wht happened and im just like damn
@kimikodragon Aww, you listed them all. Jae Yeol and Hae Soo have great chemistry! And Soo Kwang and So Nyeo are so cute!!! I also really liked Dong Min and how he took care of Hae Soo and Soo Kwang. Such a happy little family! I mostly loved how realistic it was! They didn't fluff up everything like they usually do in K-dramas. :)
@kimikodragon I'm glad you enjoyed the card. :) I love this drama so much I decided to make a collection on it! What did you like best about the drama?
This is honestly my favourite drama, I got so many Kang Woo feels... thank you for bringing back some great moments :)
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