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For those of you who were more mature than I was when you were in middle school, this is how the game works: you get three characters, and your have to decide. Which one do you marry? Which one do you boink (you know, when two people love each other very much...)? And finally, who do you kill? It's a game that's more fun with friends, so I'll share my results too!

John, Sherlock, Mycroft

I would say I'd marry John be he's taken (and at least in the canon, Watson's wvies have a habit of dying). So I'd marry Sherlock and go on ridiculous adventures with him. Boink John, if only to find out if the nickname Three Continents Watson is something he can live up to. And then kill Mycroft. Which would probably get me a lot of points with my new husband.

Sam, Dean, Castiel

So I want to say that I'd marry Sam and boink Dean.... but I feel like might make things awkward? So I'd boink Dean and marry Castiel (that's gotta have some otherworldly perks, right?), and I'd feek bad about killing Sam if I wasn't sure he'd come back. That's kind of true of all of them though.

9, 10, 11

This game sucks you guys. Okay no I love this game. But this one is really difficilt. I think I'd marry 10 because he went on all of my favorite adventures and he definitely had the best taste in clothes. I would boink 9 because I feel like that would at least be fun. He's certaimly not as clumsy as 11. Who, okay I really don't want to kill him, but seeing as they're all dead already I don't feel too bad. (That's a lie, I feel terrible and I should feel terrible). Ok, those were my picks. What are yours?
@LAVONYORK lol do you think people would do it? IDK who I would pick now haha
@shannonl5 you need to do this again!!
@VixenViVi I'm totally on board with these decisions. Especially with SPN haha they always come backXD
Yessss okay. Marry John, Boink Sherlick, Kill Mycroft (sorry) Id marry Dean, Boink Sam, and Kill Castiel which doesn't matter they never really die XD Sooo Id marry 10 cause I love him and want to be with him forever XD Boink 9 cause yeah, and kill 11, sorry but well you were a bit viscous at times
Excellent choices @nicolejb haha! Mycroft gives me a weird vibe.
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