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Finally after some meditation due to the internal storm of fangirl feels Suga's teaser pics sent me into.... I've come back to take a look at these pictures....and.... J-Hope.....J-Horse..... my dear Hopie.....one teeny tiny question, doll..... Why you do this to Noona???
I'M OUT.....I AM SO DONE. SEND HELP. <(ˍ ˍ*)>
Jhope is seriously killing me inside
That Tom Hiddleston gif is me throughout this whole post...why so handsome???
@StephanieDuong looking all somehow.....like whyyyy?? Why you gotta do that J-hope? No lies....the gifs are my exact reaction to these photos. He caught me off guard....I dropped my phone and had to walk it off Lol. Wtf BTS? What the fluff....
I know...J-Hope is looking some sort of way in these pictures.. And I seriously love the gifs you used. I was literally laughing out loud. And of course my sister looks at me like I'm a crazy person... haha. xD