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Finally after some meditation due to the internal storm of fangirl feels Suga's teaser pics sent me into.... I've come back to take a look at these pictures....and.... J-Hope.....J-Horse..... my dear Hopie.....one teeny tiny question, doll..... Why you do this to Noona???
I'M OUT.....I AM SO DONE. SEND HELP. <(ˍ ˍ*)>
I know...J-Hope is looking some sort of way in these pictures.. And I seriously love the gifs you used. I was literally laughing out loud. And of course my sister looks at me like I'm a crazy person... haha. xD
@StephanieDuong looking all somehow.....like whyyyy?? Why you gotta do that J-hope? No lies....the gifs are my exact reaction to these photos. He caught me off guard....I dropped my phone and had to walk it off Lol. Wtf BTS? What the fluff....
That Tom Hiddleston gif is me throughout this whole post...why so handsome???
Jhope is seriously killing me inside