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It looks like we'll have to wait a while before iKON debuts (since YG is such a perfectionist!)
They've made some great music during WIN: Who is Next?, Mix & Match and Show Me The Money 3. But as we wait, I wanted to share 10 of my favorite iKON songs!
What's your favorite song? Is it missing from this list?
Just Another Boy - This song always reminds me of their fun and goofy personality! :)
Wait For Me - We're still waiting iKON! I love this song (it was much needed after all their struggles!)
Climax - Okay, don't deny it. You cried when this happened. Team B for life! (All the feels!)
Let's Get It Started - I love Junhoe's voice in this one!
Let It Go - Honestly, I never thought a remake of Let It Go would sound good, but then B.I and Lee Hi happened...and it was...awesome!
Sinosijak - This song is so full of energy! I love their dance for it too!
Long Time No See - Yes, long time no see iKON! Debut already so we can see you again!!!
Raise Your Guard and Bounce - No one can do a hype song like Bobby does. The stage was on fire with this one!
BE I - This is my absolute favorite! Hanbin was so full of confidence after all the mistakes he had made before. Full of impact!
Hope your favorite is included in here, and if not, let me know what's missing. ^_^
All I really knew of was Wait for Me but ahhhhh I love all of these! Thanks for putting them all together!!1
@kpopandkimchi Wait for Me is such an emotional song! And of course, I had a lot of fun putting together the songs! ^_^