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The PR wiz is known not only for her ability to handle any crisis, but to do so in the perfect outfit.
Jean Fares Couture designed this flowy wedding dress turned ball gown to give Olivia Pope one of her most iconic looks of the series.
She makes a commute look stylish in this modern twist on the classic trench coat style.
Olivia Pope looks chic even when she's sitting on a rock. In an army green blazer, khaki slacks and sky-high heels she is the queen of professional style.
Adding a bit of color to her otherwise monochromatic wardrobe, Olivia Pope rocks a stylish baby blue pantsuit.
Olivia Pope takes black and white to a whole new level with this ball gown with a unique neckline. The asymmetrical bob adds just the right amount of edge to this classy, iconic look.
With the number of twists and turns on Scandal, at least there is a little consistency in the elegance of each of Olivia Pope's outfits.