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When you hear about "clean eating" what does that mean to you? I think we've gotten into a mindset where restriction is healthy, but the truth is that our bodies need a variety of foods to beat deficiencies, fight illnesses, to grow properly, to optimize brain power.
When I first heard about "clean" eating, I assumed it meant it was food that grows naturally. I considered the primal diet to be the best example of "clean eating." It meant eating just vegetables, meat, fruits, and legumes. That was my opinion of what clean eating meant. But does that mean that clean eating is a term that's used loosely?
So that meant foods like breads, yogurt, granola bars, or anything I wouldn't be able to find in the wild/nature -- were not foods I considered "clean."

What exactly is clean eating?

Are there different ways to eat "clean"?
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I think of a lot of different things. Environmental efficiency also comes to mind- is it damaging to grow or produce? Especially when there are serious droughts in places like California where a lot of our produce comes from, is my consumption contributing to the problem?
Clean eating is fine and wonderful, but it's weird when I meet people that are seriously obsessed with it. I used to wonder.. at what point does putting that much conscientious effort to restrict your diet to certain foods turn into an eating disorder? It's funny because they've come up with an actual term for it now called orthorexia nervosa. Have you heard about it?
I've heard of orthorexia nervosa. I think there's certainly an obsession surrounding food -- especially in the fitness/"health" industry. I used to be super obsessed with my diet, fortunately those days are long gone. @danidee
@Shannonl5 that's really good way of looking at clean eating. It's important to think about how food affects our environment, too.
@caricakes, or even foods that never rot ;( ;( ;(