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So your office isn't exactly on par with Googles. It may look more bare, beige, and like a jail without bars on the walls. Or maybe you do have bars on your windows, and if you do I am so sorry.
But just because your office isn't eye catching does not mean your desk can't be personalized! Here are some easy things you can do to make your desk pop.
Buy some flowers!
Flowers seriously brighten up a room. Anyone who looks at flowers and doesn't feel at least a little happy is soulless. They are the easiest way to add some color to your desk. Just make sure you keep them fresh and watered! And if you don't have a green thumb, just buy some new ones when yours die, and if you are really bad with flowers, invest in some pretty real looking fake ones.
Bring in some pictures!
What better way to get yourself distracted then by hanging up pictures of your friends and family having fun. It'll make you feel more comfortable at your desk, which is where you will be sending most of your time. Plus it will motivate you to get all your work done so you can spend your weekends having fun.
Make your computer look cute!
More then likely you will be on a computer at your office. There are cool stickers, keyboard art, and awesome cases that can cheer you up while you sit looking at your laptop, All Day Long. Before my laptop met its maker via a coffee incident, I had this underwater laptop sticker that would make me smile every time I looked at it, even during finals. You can even bring in cute mouse pads if you prefer to use a cordless mouse!
Bring little knickknacks
Line your desk with any little trinket you want! It can be little action figures or sea shells or pretty much anything you like to collect. Its a great way to show your personality, and with a vibrant desk you stand out. This way all new comers will want to met you first since your desk is such a conversation piece and you look so fun.
Even adding a cool, colorful clock will blend in right with your knickknacks.
Bring in your own chair
You want to be comfortable bring in your own chair! This way you can pick what style and especially what color you want. A bright green chair will seriously pop and make even the most plain desk look fun. By adding the slightest bit of color can completely change the work environment!
Beg Your Boss To Decorate
Your boss has the power to make some big changes in the office. Ask/beg him to make it a bit cheerier. Hopefully he'll be more then willing to agree. Just think your entire office could look as fun as your desk!
You nailed it with the flowers - definitely can cheer you up when you are having a miserable day or week as is the case with me most of the time. Pet pictures work too!
My desk at work is so embarrassing. I have flowers, pictures of pretty boys, a giant calendar with weird stickers all over it, post its everywhere, and probably candy. But it makes me happy to be sitting there all day :)