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Yup, you heard right: Chipotle is developing a new tortilla recipe that will include just four ingredients: whole wheat flour, oil, water and salt.
This is all part of their never-ending and oh-so-awesome effort to completely eliminate GMOs from their restaurants. The tortillas currently found in their restaurant aren't exactly full of junk, but the CEO and brass aren't satisfied.
Chipotle strikes me as one of the best companies out there right now, especially in the food business. They really seem to have the right goals in mind, insisting upon their morals and practices when it comes to sourcing their food - to the point where they will simply not serve a particular item if they can't acquire it in a way they believe to be sustainable (pork carnitas were often unavailable last year, though they seem to be making a comeback recently).
This is just another example of the company doing the right thing. So long as they don't change that guac recipe, it's OK with me....
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It's fascinating to see how Chipotle (aka McDonald's other fast food chain) is so wildly different from its predecessor. Let's hope corporate is able to take some notes from this one and make some changed to the McDonald's menu too.