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In the world of weird internet trends, another one has sparked up on Weibo (one of the biggest Chinese social media sites) and is causing girls of all ages to check their waist size.
Basically, someone found out that they could touch their belly button while wrapping their arm behind themselves and posted a picture and then it spread like wild fire. It's supposed to 'prove' that you have an ideal waist size, but all it's doing is making a ton of people feel shitty.

According to an article in Cosmo:

"If you can touch your belly button from behind your back, you could be in better shape than someone who can't — but you shouldn't have a false sense of security about your health. You might have a small waist and look healthy, but your blood work could show that you're just as unhealthy as someone who weighs 400 pounds," said Charlie Seltzer, M.D.
So yes, you're probably tempted to try the challenge now if you haven't already (I was, and no, I couldn't do it). But think about this: maybe you have short arms, maybe you're not that flexible, or maybe you're, you know, more concerned with your physical health regardless of the size of your waist.
So if you come across this challenge and feel your self esteem plummet, think about al the incredible, smart, powerful, beautiful women (like me, right?) that can't do it either.

You are more than an internet challenge.

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I tried and can't. Doesn't bother me, I love myself, and every girl/woman on this earth should!
@ElaynaBoyd @sweetlilmags I wish more women were as confident as you guys!
that thing hurts. just cause I love to satisfy my curiosity
hahaha i can't and i have a 25" waist (size 3) lol then again i have short arms. and u know what? i'm fine with that. i actually wish i cld be a size 5 or 7. but i've only been that size while prego. lol
I tried it. I frankly don't care.