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Back at home, I used to have new gym enthusiasts come up and ask me what kind of protein powder I take. They assumed that since I was weight lifting, I was taking protein powder. However, I wasn't.
Nobody need protein powder.
We need clean air and water. That's what we need.
I used to religiously take protein powder immediately after working out, but I felt a lot of stomach discomfort. And then I got ridiculously busy with other things, that I didn't care to revolve my life around protein powder.
After the gym, I'm hungry for food, not protein powder.
There are different opinions and studies revolving around protein powder. I'd say it does help, however, if you're getting what your body needs through diet alone, you should be fine. I didn't notice a difference in muscularity or strength from when I was taking protein powder, and when I wasn't.
What's more important is an adequate diet. Protein powder may digest faster, but it's still a supplement. Which means that you shouldn't rely on protein powder as your main source of protein, it should purely be a supplement to whatever protein source you're already taking in.

Long story short, No, you don't need protein powder.