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I have always been a visual learner. Someone who is heavily impacted by images rather than words I hear or read. That is why these three films had such a strong impact on how I view food, health, and my body. Best of all...they're on Netflix!

1. Forks Over Knives (2011)

This documentary takes a look at how the most common diseases in America (such as heart disease and diabetes) —such as diabetes and heart disease—can be directly controlled by what we eat. It mainly talks about the benefits of a whole-food, plant-based diet and how eating well can be the best medicine there is.

2. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (2010)

Yes I know that the juicing craze is going a little overboard lately, but this was a really interesting take on the health trend. Joe Cross was literally fat, sick, and nearly dead, and needed to do something fast. He embarked on a road trip and vowed to only drink fruit and vegetable juice for 60 days.

3. Food, Inc. (2008)

This was the first food-documentary I saw, back in a high school science class. It's probably one of the most well-known food documentaries and it provides a look at corporate farming in America. Food, Inc. touches on unsustainable farming methods, as well as widespread food contamination plaguing many American food sources. The movie encourages a more humane and organic food system.
@caricakes yea it looks interesting. And in the long run, u r absolutely right. But a lot of people need to deal with their present budgets before they think of future troubles... unfortunately. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll try to catch it this weekend
@Goyo Forks Over Knives actually touches on that. It's a lot easier to fit McDonald's into your budget than a more balanced meal, but in the end its only doing you harm. You'd probably find the first film really interesting!!!
I know that this is a great movement. What I don't understand, though, is why these movements have to be so expensive. I know a lot of people who literally can't afford to be healthier. Isn't that weird??
@Goyo I agree with you 100%. Other countries make fun of America for being a really obese nation, but the truth is we're not obsessed with Mickey D's – we just have a big problem with food accessibility (and that's both geographic and economic accessibility). That's why I'm so interested in farmers markets and grassroots movements that are trying to bring healthy, affordable food to inner cities! I hope our country can change the way we eat in a big way soon... and @Nisfit I'll totally check out Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead soon, because I'm such a skeptic when it comes to juicing!
These docs all made a huuuuge impact on the vegan/vegetarian community. I feel like a lot of more recent vegans cite at least one of these docs as a major reason why they made the switch to a plant-based diet.