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Popsicles are hands down the best thing about summer and if you add gummy bears into the mix you literally cannot go wrong. Here is a drop-dead gorgeous recipe for gummy bear popsicles that are totally healthy for you!

You can fill these with any juice you want, but coconut water helps you see the gummy bears clearly :)

about 20 ounces juice
about 100 soft gummy bears (about 10 per ice pop; make sure you use a soft variety and not something chewy because they will get harder and chewier once in the freezer)
1. Fill ice molds with juice, about 2/3 full. Add in about 10 gummy bears to each mold. Using popsicle stick, stir around gummies and trap some with the stick so that they don't all sink to the bottom.
2. Freeze for several hours. Remove according to manufacturer's instructions. (Usually it involves running molds under warm water for a few minutes)
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This looks so cute! I'd probably use pineapple juice with mine.
3 years ago·Reply
This reminds me of my roommate in college's obsession with vodka gummy bears. I'm sure she'd find a way to get alcohol in here.
3 years ago·Reply
My daughter would love these.
3 years ago·Reply
I'm not quite sure if these would taste good....
2 years ago·Reply