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I have been pretty amused that with all that's wrong in our world a notable portion of my friends have been more outraged by the growing differences between the story being told on the hit HBO show "Game of Thrones" and the books in the "Song of Fire & Ice" series by George RR Martin than they are about issues like the drought that is slowly undoing the State where we live. Look, I feel for those of you who are really angry that GOT is harshing your Fire & Ice buzz. Honestly, I about lost it when David Lynch did his bizarre - loosely based on the book - translation of Frank Herbert's science-fiction masterpiece "Dune" back in the mid-1980's. What WAS that? It was freaky and in time I just decided that it was sort of its own thing. I get that far too often great literature is butchered by filmmakers when we (because I do work in the film industry from time-to-time) get the rights to a book and turn it into a movie. To you Fire and Ice purists, I know more than a stadium-full of comic book ultra-nerd-geeks who have gone nearly postal over the extremely liberal rehashing of their beloved comic story lines (X-Men, Avengers, Spiderman, Superman, and the list goes on). It seems to me that the only guy living on this rock that is truly capable of taking "A Song of Fire and Ice" and translating every book onto the screen with flawless attention to detail (while not boring us to death or make us seriously want to contemplate self-cannibalism in the theater) is Peter Jackson. All we need is around 6 billion dollars for the budget and the next 30 years for principle photography and post-production. :-P
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Sounds like a great Kickstarter to me
danidee - Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen (portrayed by Sting) was a minor character in the book - mainly a foil to his uncle the Baron - Feyd was constantly trying to assassinate his uncle to no avail. His main duty as a character was to engage Paul in the dual that would awaken the full-extent of Paul's super-human powers. The events of Feyd's life were only a vehicle to bring him to that important point - a footnote in Paul's. LOL. I read all of the Dune books (the one's available when I was in high school in the mid 1980's) twice by the time I'd graduated. Another full read of the series when the "House" prequels were released and then a full read again of all 12 books in the series when the 3 early prequels - the ones that established the basis of "the known universe" for the main series - some 10,191 years before the events in the original books - I can say that without question the Dune books have been my favorite series of books. Sting did a great job as Feyd. A fit, handsome, vicious man of few words. The issue with the David Lynch movie was all the weird ritualistic crap - I love the Mentat mantra - that's not in the books but I get a kick out of it. It's like the Litany of Fear but much more freaky and silly. Like I said. I was like, "WTF?" when I first saw it. I hated it. I felt ripped off. Everything in my mind I saw when reading Herbert's words looked different than the dark, gothic, stylized, monochromatic, bland worlds David Lynch created. The SyFy channel mini-series was much more faithful to the story... but those movies suffered for their lack of budget. It's hard to create new worlds and convey the scope and scale of a universe with hundreds of planets and cultures on a TV mini-series budget. That being said, whereas I think Lynch's "Dune" had the main brush strokes of the story in the book, GOT has the main brush strokes of "A Song of Fire and Ice". And like the David Lynch film, I think in time it's going to stand on its own - not on the "movie (show) that couldn't be made" scale that is the amazing achievement that Peter Jackson accomplished with his incredibly faithful adaptations of "The Lord of the Rings". But as something along the lines of the countless other adaptations out there. I do know comic uber-fans who hate the mixing up of the story lines of the Marvel movies. But there are MILLIONS of movie-goers who wouldn't OWN a comic book, much less take the time to read hundreds of them to understand the stories on the screen in their original form - but they LOVE the movies and have helped make Marvel one of the most valuable and profitable properties in the history of Hollywood. GOT is an accomplishment on so many levels. My little meme and article above were totally tongue in cheek. I'm a fan. I have read the first 5 books in "A Song of Fire and Ice" and yes... GOT is totally mixing up character stories, dropping others, killing people off who are not dead, marrying people off who didn't get married, etc... But the greater brush strokes of the story are there. The main thrust of what the books represent is there. And it is beautifully shot. Beautifully edited. Beautifully acted. And truly something that has never been accomplished before in the history of TV. In time I think GOT will stand on its own - a version of the telling of the lives and events of the world that George RR Martin has given us to explore... I'm looking forward to what the next season of GOT brings. It's bound to be as memorable and controversial - as beautiful and tragic - as the past seasons have been.
Goyo! Yeah - the Kickstarter campaign to end all others! We need 6 Billion and 30 years! LOL. I don't think it'd get funded - but it's worth a try perhaps.
@JonPatrickHyde Duuuuude. You read ALL the Dune books? TWICE? I remember really wanting to borrow a copy of the original Dune book from a friend, but being really intimidated by just how thick that book is. It's like the 'War & Peace' for Sci-Fi nerds. I am 110% envious of your dedication, and now I'm thinking that finally getting through the first Dune should be on my summer to-do list. I do most of my reading during the summer. It always feels like I have more time even though I have the same work schedule all year round lol. Also, if this Peter Jackson/GoT idea tanks, I'm totally willing to be the first person to donate to the @JonPatrickHyde Game of Thrones project where all of the characters are played by your cats. (I also hope the Bengal plays Tyrion Lannister because they're both small and agile.) Plus the idea of seeing the Iron Throne reimagined with bass guitars would be the most badass of badass things.
@danidee - I'm a total literature geek. Period. I love reading. Dune... read the appendixes in the back of the book first. These will GREATLY help you when you go to read the book. I love the idea of GOT retold through feline actors/actresses. Bengals actually aren't typically small. Zephyr is nearly 20lbs and 3ft long when he stretches out. He's actually a massive cat - considering he's not overweight or anything. Randy's Bengalese cat is small. Being bred with a Siamese - which are fine boned. But Zeph is a bruiser. I think something like a Manx or Sphinx would be funny as tyrion. Or a the Lannisters could all be Siamese Seal Points - but Tyrion be a Himalayan - you know big buggy eyes and flat face. I had one and they are petite cats. LOL. The Iron throne as bass guitars... wicked. But I think doing it with like Fender Strat necks would be even more cool.