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A crucial part of a great TV show is the theme song. It has to be memorable, the kind of song that only reminds you of that one series. It's that sense of nostalgia that takes you back and makes you immediately remember how much you loved that one show.
Look, I'm sorry, but pretty much every list I make about TV is going to include The Office. The song here goes perfectly with the intro and is so great that it has been made into plenty of remixes. Lil Wayne's remix was on every CD I made in high school.
Awesome song by The Dandy Warhols that I've only ever heard played in places like CVS or Rite Aid. But when I do hear it, it immediately takes me back to Neptune High and Veronica's life as a teenage private eye.
Sorry but this will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day/week/year/your entire life. The intro is a parody of the Bed Intruder Song, immediately showing how funny and clever Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is as a series.
Talk about nostalgia! This theme song is perfect because That 70's Show is pretty much only about the gang hanging out, doing nothing different week after week. Also it just looks fun to sing and really makes me want to hang out with that group of friends even more.
Probably the best theme song of all time. You weren't anyone in the '90s if you couldn't rap all the lyrics to this song.
If you're really into TV theme songs like I weirdly am, you can find several Spotify playlists of songs to enjoy.
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@shannonl5 You stole the words out of my I can sing/hum along to all of these though! Another one to mention could be Friends considering I've never seen it but can sing the whole thing (and Boy Meets World!!)
Missing from the list: The Pokémon theme song. I'll be on my deathbed (hopefully) years from now and still remember all the words.
I'm all about the Fresh Prince and Veronica Mars. I also love jamming to That 70's Show too
@caricakes I know, Boy Meets World was also on my list. There are so many good options!
@shannonl5 - I know! I considered putting it in as an honorable mention..I still have it on my iPod, not surprisingly it's an awesome song to listen to while you workout (or really anytime honestly).