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Wedding bells are ringing, your friends are getting married and now you're invited to their nuptial. If you're like me, you're probably going through a rollercoaster of emotions - excited for the couple and stressed about your ever-depleting bank account. This is something I always deal with when I am included in the guest list. Even if I'm not part of the bridal party, attending a wedding can range from $200-250.
Why? Let me break it down to you. You are possibly shelling out for:
1. Requisite travel
2. Hotel room
3. New dress (and maybe accessory to go along)
4. Wedding registry gift
Adding all those up can really do a number on your wallets. So, here's my advice.

1. RSVP Wisely

If there's something I learned as a wedding planner is: Sometimes, it's okay to say no. Really. While you can't do anything about your sibling or BFF's wedding, you can politely decline loose-acquaintance's wedding (especially, it puts you in a stressful financial situation). Just be sure to send a nice gift and personal note of congrats in your place (they'll understand).

2. Plan Ahead

After you RSVP, start booking your accommodations. If you're flying out of town don't wait for the last minute to take care of your flights and lodging. There's a big difference with pricing and you don't want to stay at a different hotel from everyone else.

3. Buddy Up

If you can, split your costs in half by synching up with a one of the wedding guest to share a hotel room or an Airbnb rental. Not only will accommodations cost be less expensive, but most rentals come with your own kitchen and living rooms so you can chill after the reception ends.

4. Re-wear, Rent or Borrow a Dress

Chances are you do have something to wear in your closet. Don't want to attend two different weddings with the same dress? Play with different accessory and styling options. If you absolutely need a new dress you can either rent it or borrow a dress from your sister or BFF.
#4 is always my problem! I have a lot of clothes but I always feel like I have nothing to wear!
#4 = first world problem.
rent rent rent. you can get designer clothes and accessories and shoes from