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Now, this is TOTALLY different depending on you, your partner, and so many other factors, but I found a cool compilation of things guys like in a girlfriend on Reddit, and I thought hey! Other people might like to know these things, too, and they can totally be applied to other relationships other than guys about their girlfriends. So here you go~~

Think Of Them, Too!

"One year for my birthday, my SO took me out to dinner, and when we got there, a couple of my best friends were there. I thought that was awesome. I don't get to see some of my friends often because we're all super busy, so I'm always happy to see them when I can. I suppose the quality there that made her so great is that she realized it's not all about her. My SO is incredibly important in my life, but I have other friends that I care deeply about. She recognized this, and showed it pretty damn well."
Hint: you're not the only person in their life. Remember this, and don't get petty when they want to spend time with other people. When possible, help facilitate that time. A happier SO is probably a happier you, too, so why not?!

Let Him Help You, Sometimes!

"Also let him do things for you. My gf has this thing where she doesn't want to feel dependent on people (her mom's first husband died so her mom had to fend for herself, so my gf doesn't want to end up unable to take care of herself), If he offers to do something for you, don't shut him down. It makes him feel useless for even asking and it can really hurt a man in many ways."
While independence and self-worth is important, but you know everyone likes to feel needed. So let your SO help sometimes! Don't pretend you can't do something just to make them feel better, but don't be afraid to let them take control of a situation and help you out sometimes!

Know How to Be Your Own Person

"It's great when a girl shows affection, wants your company and support, and wants to know your opinion and feelings, but it needs to be balanced with independence and a degree of autonomy. I don't want to be joined at the hip, and when doing some fun activity with you, I want it to be something we both enjoy, otherwise find someone else to do it with (as will I)"
This is always a tricky balance, but finding a balance between showing him that you need him, and showing that you are your own person. Have your own friends! Have your own interests! Be you!

Let Go Your Negativity!

"Positivity. Maybe that's an obvious one, but seeing opportunities rather than roadblocks is an attractive quality in anyone."
If someone is just plain negative all the time, it can be hard to date. You don't always have to be happy (duh) but a little positivity isn't gonna hurt you and your SO will appreciate it!

Learn Something Together!

"Learn things with me. "
Try something different from your normal routine, which is a total bonding experience and will spice things up a bit! Learn something new together.

Don't Hold Things Against Them!

"Having the ability to get over the small sh*t quickly and not hold on to it forever. talk about it, work it out and move on. There should be no point system or tally in a relationship."
Of course, don't let the big unsolved problems slide, because those should be talked out. But if you find yourself tempted to bring up a small past issue during a future argument, don't. If you've already said it's ok or solved that problem, you need to be able to move on from it!

Communicating with Each Other, Not the World!

"My SO never has a negative thing to say about me to anyone. This is so huge. Coming from relationships where our dirty laundry was aired out for everyone, it's nice to know we can have discussions and her not go telling everyone.It makes it so that no one looks at either of us negatively. Misunderstandings come and go, other people don't need to be involved."
Look, we all like to gossip. And of course you're going to talk about some problems! But don't just go to all your friends instead of talking to them about the issue. The misunderstandings will just grow. Communicate your problems to each other. It's ok to seek outside advice, too, but make sure you aren't making it worse by doing so!