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LEGO is huge, and has been for decades. And that growth doesn't seem to be slowing. Last year, Lego produced more than 60 million Lego bricks.
This week, Lego announced plans to hire more than 100 specialists and invest 150 million dollars in order to find a more sustainable alternative to the oil-based plastic that is used for making bricks.
I think it's great that any company this large is making a move to find alternatives to oil-based products (as we know oil supplies are, realistically, limited and growing smaller each year).
But it's funny to me that it's Lego, and I have a feeling that Legos are already one of the most recycled toys out there. I grew up using my Dad's legos, and I passed mine down to my nephews a few years ago. But, I suppose this is more about using a sustainable resource.
Sustainability can be viewed from stuff like energy cost to create, but also on lifetime costs. Because they are so durable, their lifetime costs are minimal. However I think this is more to do with possibly being worried about sustainable resources, with oil possibly running out in the near distant future. Or at least being so expensive that it's not worth it.

Either way, go LEGO!

(p.s. did you know Lego is a Danish company? I did not.)
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Good for Legos. Ultimately, they are making a savvy business move that will save them millions in the future. Profitable companies need to learn to sacrifice money in environmental issues. It is for long term sustainable growth... It's for them