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Braiding is one hairstyling technique you can never be tired of. Besides all the different types of braids, there are many ways to style a singular plait. You can also manipulate the braid to suit your mood as each style carries a different personality. For instance, you can create a soft and romantic look or an edgy and tribal vibe with styling tricks (such as deconstructing or teasing). So what do I mean by soft and edgy?

Soft Braids

Romantic. Bohemian, Loose. Natural.
This style of braid is suitable for all hair type but looks best on wavy, curly, and thick hair. The technique here is done with loose grip and no tension. Most of the time you are playing with large sections of hair and pulled apart to create a voluminous plait. Bits of loose hair falling form around the face displays a soft and romantic finish.

Edgy Braids

Geometric. Intricate. Precise.
The essence of this hairstyle is the tightly woven braids using small partings with tiny sections. This add texture and complexity. So, people with straight hair usually find braids like fishtail likable. It's easy to work with fine hair because you're dealing with meticulous braiding. Edgy braids are often thought to be too rough but you can definitely soften up the sharpness by creating contrast. Take a look at the upper top hairstyle featuring teasing at the crown - it's a beautiful combination.
As you can see, there are many ways to primp your braids. You can even combine the two personality in one style. Refer to the video above to learn how to merge a dutch and fishtail braid together.
As much as I love fishtail braids they never seem to work with my thick hair.
이야 ㅋ
My hair is on the thin side and my braids always turn out tiny. The pull apart trick helps!