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While it might seem like they've been gone forever, the FDA has finally removed artificial trans fats (aka partially hydrogenated oils) from the "Generally Recognized as Safe" ingredients list, meaning that they will (hopefully) no longer be able to be used in products.
For a long time, we've been seeing "0g trans fat!" on all sorts of things that actually have them, they just have less than 0.5g per serving, which apparently then qualifies as 0g. Which just doesn't make sense.
It is well past time to ban them. But I still have some concerns.
1) Now is better than never and three years is better than nothing, but three more years is too long (that's how long companies have to adjust to this new listing).
2) Will they stop the practice of having .5 grams of trans fats per serving and calling the product trans fat free? My guess is no.
3) The article indicates they would allow exemptions. Apparently, exemptions are always allowed to be applied for for non-GRAS ingredients, if the company can show research that the ingredient is safe in the product.
4) The article implies that manufacturers need time to develop alternatives. What is wrong about simply returning to natural fats such as butter and lard?This is good. It could be better.
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