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Forget obsessing about your swimsuit body; it's time to think about how to find a fashion-forward swimsuit this summer! There are really interesting styles out there that give swimwear new dimension, and others that leave me scratching my head and wondering when non-waterproof suits stop being swimsuits altogether.


As much as I love fringe and more fringe, I know where this major trend belongs and doesn't belong. A little tassel or two on a swimsuit is one thing, but a fringe overload seems impractical and silly (especially awkwardly-placed fringe on bikini bottoms). Find these wacky swimsuits here, here, and here.

Sexy scuba suit

I love the use of neoprene on a swimsuit, but so many scuba-esque suits are using cuts that no diver would ever try to fit into. These sexy, skintight pieces would look a little ridiculous in a casual pool setting. Find these crazy swimsuits here, here, and here.


So most "leather" swimsuits don't use real leather, but try to imitate the appearance. If can't get behind this trend, simply because real leather is so hot and heavy, and the last thing someone would use on a skimpy swimsuit. Find these dangerous swimwuits here, here, and here.

Super revealing mesh

Mesh can be a fun addition to a one-piece to add some sex appeal and break up the monochrome look, but these take it too far in my opinion. The carefully placed opaque parts would only fit a very specific body type, and threaten wardrobe malfunction on anyone else. Find these scandalous suits here, here, and here.


Denim or faux-denim swimsuits are too funny. Like the leather trend, denim is a heavy material that would soak quickly and weigh you down should it be worn into a body of water. But the faux denim makes me laugh, so I'm hoping to see this trend (and the girl who can pull it off) this summer! Find these silly swimsuits here, here, and here.
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I think I was at Urban Outfitters the other day and saw a denim suit. Really odd but at the same time I didn't hate it?