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This is a hair color I've been seeing all over the internet since the beginning of this year. Silver is a tricky color to achieve and you also need a light base to get the futuristic shade. If you have dark hair you need bleach until you get a platinum blonde. As many of you already know, bleaching damages your hair. Beauty does comes with a cost. I advise you to not further damage it with chemical and heating tools. As always, use shampoo that are specialized for color treated hair. Don't skimp on hair color aftercare!
Youtuber Tashaleelyn shares how she bleaches her hair and dye it silver using a purpler hue. If you naturally have blonde hair you may skip the bleaching step!
As I mentioned above, chemically altering your hair color can leave you with dry, brittle hair. Learn how to maintain silver hair with the video above.
Silver is really flattering, but I'm paranoid about bleaching my hair. I don't think I'll ever dye my hair silver unless there's a better option to achieve the color.
Use wella ultraviolet
the gray makes you look washed out.
@VickyMarinWhite True. It really depends on the shade.
@SalinaBeltran Is that what you used to get your hair colored? I'm referring to your profile pic.