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I relate to this video more than I'd like to admit.
I applied to colleges for a variety of things (ranging from Chemical Engineering to Pharmacy), and ended up starting school as a pre-pharmacy student with conditional acceptance to pharmacy school. My sophomore year, I changed my major to Cultural Anthropology, adding Creative Nonfiction Writing as a second major.
And all of my friends were pretty much like the "other" person in this video! I made most of my friends in the honors dorms freshman year. Many were engineering students or pre-med. And while they were still mostly supportive, I know that a lot of them didn't get it. My family didn't necessarily get it, either, but my dad has always told me he thought I should stick to writing somehow, so he liked that I was adding it on as a major.
Still, I don't think things ended poorly. Seriously! While I definitely double majored because I had been brainwashed throughout my high school career to believe that liberal art degrees were worth nothing (and thus, putting two together would make them worth something, right?), I ended up getting a skill set I don't think I could have gotten elsewhere. And I don't regret it at all!
I double majored in English and creative writing. While maybe not the most marketable majors, I gained a lot of skill and knowledge in the craft I love most, so I can't say I regret it even a little.
@VinMcCarthy Same, really. I enjoyed my classes, learned about things I wanted to, and never really felt the kind of dreaded stress I know a lot of people get in college when they're not necessarily in the major they want to be in.
Hear it, and then ignore it! You know as well as any writer that people who aren't writers can't always understand, and that's ok.