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Artist: Ron English. Mural located at the Houston-Bowery Wall, It’s a patchwork American flag comprised of the many corporate parodies he has done over the past two decades as unsanctioned billboards or paintings, punctuated by a very angry-looking Hulk-like toddler. One of the pieces is a parody of 7-Eleven that reads: “9/11. The 24/7 excuse for everything.” Another advertises: “Magical Messiah meat $6.66 lb.”
when asked by ANIMAL NY, why he chose this specific imagery, he stated; “The original idea is that he’s Baby America,” explains English. “He’s way more powerful than he is smart. And he’s about to be pissed off about something. It could be all the animals. It could be he’s not in the ads. We don’t know.” he added, “It’s about having stupid power, immature power.”
This is very cool
@alywoah yeah! I did more research on his work and I am digging it, check it out when you get back, if you have a chance before the move
@stevieq you're very welcome !
@danidee right on! I just happened to stumble upon it, but just to be safe, search the "Houston-Bowery wall" and it should pop up. Hope you enjoy your vacation
I go to class here in soho at the YMCA and I see this mural all the time. I always thought it was amazing but didn't know who made it. Thanks @jibarito
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