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So this was on Daehyun's instagram.. Yes. All of the members of B.A.P are having dinner TOGETHER. Literally my reaction was like this

I'm just so happy that they are all happily eating together!! ( ´ ▽ ` )

But seriously, Zelo. What the heck are you doing with that water...
He's such a dork. (≧▽≦) [And I also made that picture/meme thing ^ ^ BY MYSELF. Pretty proud of it. I know.. I'm lame. xD] Anyways, I'm so happy that they are together again. So happy that I....
@danidee @kpopandkimchi @kpopjunkiestv @ambie @sherrysahar @jiggzy19 Sorry if I missed anyone else that is a fan of B.A.P!!!
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@jiggzy19 You're welcome and thank you!!! (^人^)
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Have you seen this yet @YeseniaLira?
3 years ago·Reply
most definitely.!!! I'm up to date with BAP @poojas ;)
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Yay B.A.P might come back?!
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@JessicaChaney I don't know, but hopefully this is a good sign that they are together! :D
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