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1.Place any kind of headband on the crown of your head. 2.You want to get the right side piece (aleast a 1 inch piece of hair) and twist it.Next place the twisted piece in the headband.
3.After that pull the stran to secure it. 4.Next do exactly the same thing as you did on step 2 but with the left side.
5. do exactly the same thing as you did on step 3 but with the left side. 6.Tug on both side to lose in up the twist. and Enjoy! Comment down below how. everything came out.Or for any quesations.
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You are welcome @cindystran
2 years ago·Reply
So you only did it once on each side? What if the headbands slips down or something...? I love the look on you
2 years ago·Reply
Yes @koreanluv you do it to both sides.And its not because the pieces of hair keep the headband in place.
2 years ago·Reply
Okkay thank you! :D
2 years ago·Reply
@koreanluv welcome(:
2 years ago·Reply