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A New Twist On A Ponytail(:
1.You wanna grab a piece of hair from your crown.(tease it a little) 2.You what to secure it with bobby pins. 3.Grab hair from the right side(1 inch piece)and cross it over the bobby pins. Then secure with bobby pins.
4.Do the same thing you did on step 3 but on the left side, but instead of crossing over the bobby pins you want to cross over the stran of hair. And of course secure with bobby pins. 5.Grab the remaining hair and secure it with a little elastic rubber band. 6.Enjoy loves!❤ Comment how everything turned out. Or if you have any quesation about the hair style.
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very beatiful and natural style. but it seems difficult.cause natural style is more difficult artificial.
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@saradeluna18104 Thanks for positing this! =) @ebk3 You're definitely right but that's the beauty of natural style
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