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For something that should be a personal preference, the idea of make up has become a huge debate amongst feminists and males alike. As a female, the male opinion on make up is somewhat easier to brush off. If they can explain the difference between lip liner and lip stick or tell me how to perfectly apply my eye liner, then maybe I'll hear them out. Those who can't really have no business telling me weather or not I am wearing too much or too little makeup.
But until then, my focus lies with my female comrades.
I am loving this new found wave of female empowerment and feminism that is sweeping the world. Social media has been a fantastic outlet for male and female feminists alike to express their solidarity for female empowerment.
However, when it comes to make up, the battle lines have been drawn. And it is completely ridiculous.
Spreading the idea that being a feminist and wearing makeup can simply not go together will set the feminist movement back decades. Wearing make up has been warped and unfortunately equated to women agreeing with their own objectification.
Using this logic women who workout, wear make up, shave and anything else we may pamper our bodies with is a sign that we are falling into the trap of unattainable beauty that society is shoving down our throat.
It seems to me that this convoluted idea is arguing that women who care about their appearance too much are inviting the unwanted attention for cat callers and boss men (who just love their little working girls) alike.
Sounds a lot like she's asking for it to me.
The time of burning bras is over, and while that was amazing, it is now time for feminism to move forward. The only way to accomplish anything is through solidarity, not by putting down our other females because they feel better when they wear make up.
Because lets get real. Women wear make up to feel good about themselves. They don't do it for boys, they don't do it for their bosses, and they certainly don't do it to crush the feminist movement.
In fact, I can name a few feminist right now who love makeup: Tess Holliday, pretty much the entire body positive movement, Emma Watson, Zooey Deschanel, Cleopatra, Beyonce for christ sake, the list can go on.
Feeling beautiful and good about yourself is exactly what feminism calls for. Going against socialitle standards of beauty so that we as women can take back our bodies. So if that requires some blush and nail polish, no woman should be objectified for those choices.
We already get objectified enough, lets not do it to each other.
I don't wear make up unless Im going to a special occasion like a wedding. Im not a feminist. Im just happy in my skin. ๐Ÿ˜
Big ups, @LizArnone! You hit it right on the head โ€“ it's not anti-women or anti-feminist to do what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin. Own it, @TerriJacopino :) I think it takes courage to not wear make up on a daily basis! I hope that someday I have that much confidence in my own beauty. :)
@allischaaff i hope you find that confidence soon! i bet you would look amazing with or without makeup :)