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Let's all be honest: whether we love or hate the Kardashians, any day that we could look like Kim Kardashian West would be a good day, am I right? She is the queen of fashion and is killing it in this all black ensemble with a fringed black skirt. If the rockstar style and the hippie style had a lovechild, it would be this outfit. Here is a recreation of the look for much less than what I'm positive Kim paid.
Black fringe skirt
The best part of this outfit? The black fringe skirt, of course! The skirt that Kim is wearing is made by Roberto Cavalli and, even if you don't know anything about high fashion, you know that is one expensive piece of clothing. Here, here and here are a few options of cheaper versions of the skirt that will still give you that rocker/hippie vibe.
Black top
Kim is the queen of wearing sheer shirts and showing off her famous curves. You can also go for a sheer option (and here) if you are feeling confident, but you can also just go for a black fitted tee. It's completely up to you!
Black trench coat
Add a black trench coat if you are in a chilly area. Affordable black trench coats are here and here.
Strappy heels
Add a little bit of edge to your outfit with scrappy heels. There are many options out there, but some of my favorites are here and here. Now you are ready to take to the streets just like Kim K!