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The combination of protein, carbs and some caffeine (about 100 mg) in this savory shake will help boost muscle recovery after a hard run or workout. Talk about a delicious incentive to run that extra mile!

What you need:

8 oz. low-fat greek yogurt
2 tbsp. sweetened ground chocolate

2 oz. espresso (or another form of strong coffee)

1 banana
handful of ice cubes


Until all ingredients are mixed together and the consistency isn't too thick or thin. I think this goes without saying, but don't forget the lid!

Calories: 380

Carbs: 71g

Protein: 19g

Fat: 6.5g

Calcium: 30% DV

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This looks SO yummy. and so easy to make! I’m adding this to my list of yummy coffee beverages I want to try this summer.