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A stolen family heriloom.
Anthropomorphic animals.
If you like these things, particularly in tandem with one another, then congratulations! You like Sly Cooper and the Theivius Raccoonus.
What, or Who, is Sly Cooper? You ask to your computer screen, unaware that I cannot hear you. Well, friendly, technologically incapable stranger, I will tell you!
Sly Cooper is the eponymous protagonist of the Sly Cooper series of games for the Playstation. He is a cunning, stealthy master thief, the latest in a long line of cunning,stealthy master thieves.
Sly's crew consists of Bentley, an anthropomorphic turtle who serves as the brains of the operation, and Murray, an anthropomorphic hippopotamus who is the muscle and driver for the crew.
The crew is at the core of the games, with the team working together to accomplish various missions.
Sly Cooper is one of the essential games of my childhood. It is a Playstation 2 and 3 exclusive title, and one of the most popular games for the systems.
What was really cool about The Theivius Raccoonus and the subsequent installments in the series was the way that the game approached the stealth genre of games. In most stealth games, like Metal Gear Solid or Thief, you need to take great care to not be seen, and both of those games take themselves pretty seriously.
Sly Cooper doesn't care too much about taking itself seriously, though that doesn't mean that it slacked on its gameplay. The game was outrageous cartoon fun, and it generally upped the ante with each installment in the franchise.
After moving production over from Sucker Punch Productions (who made the original three games in the series) to Sanzaru Games, a Playstation 3 collection of the original three games was created, as well as a fourth installment.
Unfortunately, though, Sanzaru has stated that they will not be making another title in the series. Which is a huge bummer, especially considering the cliffhanger of an ending. I can't speak for other Sly fans, but I think this is ultimately a disservice to such a great franchise.
@VinMcCarthy if I manage to remember or find it I'll be sure to let you know ^^
@mattK95 i'm glad to provide the nostalgic feeling. and that sounds pretty cool let me know if/when you remember what it was!
Well I just got slapped with a wave of nostalgia XD I seem to remember a game that was similar to this, except it featured a fox as the thief... can't recall the title though :/