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I am stressed. Like, ripping my hair out, being cranky to the people I love, and not enjoying life at all. And it's freaking hot and humid here and I do not like it.
I know that I have all the tools to get myself out of this rut, but I just haven't been able to get myself to do it. I decided to share my ideas with you so that we can all chill out together. Because today is the day that I buy myself a big ice cream and sit at home with that face mask I've been thinking about all week.
I'll be killing two birds with one stone for you today by showing you how to relieve that nasty stress (I can't be the only one...) and how to keep cool in this summer heat.

Ice Ice Baby

Popsicles are the answers to all the world's problems. Seriously, everyone would be so much happier and ready to work together to make this world a better place if we could just get free popsicles whenever we needed.
That being said, your summer needs some of these homemade concoctions to have you literally chilling by the pool.
Here's 8 Iced Coffee Popsicles as well as the rest of our popsicle recipes on Vingle.

Get Liqurious

I am not saying that you should have a drink in your hand at all time (unless it is water! stay hydrated!!) but I do always say that one drink a day can bring you to a whole new level of chill. Your body is less achey, you're less tense in general, and you're probably giving yourself a chance to relax.
Try these Summer Cocktails to Quench Your Thirst or the Watermelon Sangria recipe above.

Take a Dip

Swimming for fun is great, but take that to the next level for some serious stress burn. Swimming laps with have your heart pumping harder, which means a boost of those happy endorphins to the brain and a hell of a lot of stress off your chest.
Plus your body will probably look awesome so yeah, here's why You Should Start Swimming Now.

Wake Up Earlier

I know, this is probably not what you wanted to hear if you're a late dozer but trust me. When you wake up earlier you'll be less stressed about getting stuff done during the day, you'll have more time to try mediation, do some stretching, make a healthy breakfast, or just enjoy the day before the summer sun comes and ruins everything.

Phone a Friend

There is nothing that relieves stress more than being with someone who you feel completely comfortable with. Someone who can listen to you and remind you that everything is going to be okay.
Go somewhere chilly like a funny movie and then a nice cafe after, hit the pool, or even just go grocery shopping and linger in the frozen aisle.

Now take a deep breath, remember the summer is meant to be a time to enjoy life as it comes, and enjoy the ride.

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Exercise is a big one for me. Maybe not swimming, but just taking a long walk really destresses me.