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Remember growing up when camouflage was all the rage and you and your friends would run around saying that nobody could see you? Well the camouflage trend that was popular in the 2000s and before — besides the fact that it's popular all the time in the army — is making a huge comeback.
Camouflage has long been used in the military to disguise objects from discovery by enemy forces. The camouflage print burst into the mainstream after Jim Crumley, a hunter, used markers to draw a tree bark design on his clothes in the 1970s. Camouflage was then seen on clothes worn by the mainstream public. The craze started in the 1980s and came back in the 2000s and is coming back again now.
Who could forget this picture of Destiny's Child rocking some major camouflage for a photo shoot?
Celebrities, such as Cara Delevingne, Ellie Goulding and Olivia Palermo, are hopping on the camouflage print bandwagon.
Take one look at popular stores and you can easily see that the camo trend is taking off once again. The best way to wear camouflage is in small doses. Don't go overboard with a fully came outfit. If you want to wear a pair of camo pants, keep your top and shoes in a neutral color, such as black or beige. Pairing colors with camouflage prints usually doesn't work too well. Take a trip down memory lane and rock the camouflage trend!
I still totally can't handle camo. It looks good on Destiny's Child but that's about it haha
I only have one pair of keds that are camo and I don't wear them very often. I think it definitely can be hit or really miss.