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Stephen Colbert hasn't even started his time on The Late Show, but Donald Trump's presidential campaign announcement was too good on opportunity for mockery that Colbert couldn't just pass it up.
It wouldn't be a Donald Trump joke without the terrifying hairpiece.

"Oh yeah, I'm rich, really rich, really really rich and I'm not ashamed of it."

Colbert mocks Trump for many things, most of which revolve around Trump flaunting his money throughout his campaign announcement.
Essentially, Colbert just mimics Donald Trump's announcement, rambling on for six minutes about vague things that Obama has done wrong and describing how he'll use his own wealth to fix America's problems.
While I don't think Donald Trump has a chance in hell at the presidency, I do think his campaign will make for some really great late night TV jokes, and I can't wait to watch.
@goyo, same here and I'd also love to see an SNL sketch of Donald Trump in a presidential debate.
Pass the popcorn. I can't wait to watch this either.
@laurafisher Donald Trump in any type of debate would be awesome! I just hope he plays himself in the SNL skit...
I would love to see trump in a presidential debate... That would be must see TV