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Recently, I made a card about my 5 favorite non-Korean idol members. However, I realized 5 just isn't enough and I missed a few other favorites! So, at the suggestion of @LinnyOk and @jiggzy19, here's part 2! Hope I didn't miss any this time!
Lay is originally from Hunan, China. He is joined SM Entertainment in 2008 and he's Exo M's main dancer. He's awesome because he is humble and kind to members and fans alike.
Mark Tuan is originally from California. He joined JYP in 2010 and debuted with Got7 in 2014. Mark has a great happy-go-lucky personality and has close friendship with members.
Kris is originally from Vancouver, Canada. He joined SM in 2007 but left Exo in 2014. I love his goofy personality and his self-acclaimed (non-existent) "Picasso" drawing skills.
Luhan is originally from Beijing, China and he joined Exo in 2011. He also left Exo in 2014. I like him because he was Exo's pretty flowerboy and he also had the best hair colors!
Nichkhun is originally from California and he joined JYP as a trainee in 2006, then debuted with 2PM. He's awesome because he is very charming during his variety show appearances.
Tao is from Shandong, China and he joined SM in 2010. I like his badass attitude, great fashion and his derpy martial art skills.
Let us know who your favorites are! ^_^
you're missing Jackson and Bambam
these pix of Lay and Kris are to die for, Zitao hwaiting!
Lol I love my Galaxy oppa no matter where he's at. Kris hwaiting!
Layyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy<3333333 Love that boy all day, erry day..... He's adorbs in erry way.... I dunno what else there is to say.... Lay is Bae..... Mmmmkay?
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