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We all know Wonder Woman kicks butt. It probably helps that she's a demigod from a fictional island, but she would be the first to say that even mere mortals like you and me are powerful all on our own. Here's a few techniques and tricks to get yourself ready to right wrongs and fight misdeeds (or to get yourself in shape so you're not panting every time you go back to your five floor walkup).

The Workout

Wonder Woman is strong all over, so this routine focuses on legs, core, and arms. You've gotta be able to chase after crimimals, capture them in the lasso of truth, and lift them over your head when you've had enough of their misogyny. Try mixing up the order if you do this routine a few times a week- it will keep you more engaged in your workout and it will help your body get the most out of the routine. Just make sure you're not doing all the ab sets together, make sure you're giving your muscles a rest so you don'-t injure yourself.


Actress Gal Gadot also lists rock climbing as one of her body building techniques (she'll be playing the iconic character in Zack Snyder's upcoming Batman vs. Superman). Scared of heights? Far from good climbing locations? A lot of gyms come equipped with rock walls that you can use- they're a lot of fun too!

The music

You know how important your music is when it comes to your workout. Angel Haze is inspiring and hardcore- the perfect combination to unleash the Wonder Woman inside you.

The cool-down

Finally, make sure you rehydrate (say no to the uber-sugary drinks because those will make you feel bloaty aka the opposite of wonderful). And make sure you get a good look at yourself in the mirror as you perfect your Wonder Woman pose- it's actually been proven to make you feel more powerful and confident.
I feel like I'd need to wear her outfit in order to do the workout. It only seems right haha
Haha @caricakes I feel like that's an excellent idea! Maybe a bunch of Wonder Woman cosplayers will show up at Crunch one day