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Man, being a woman is time consuming.

Sometimes you don't have the luxury or time to take an hour to do your hair in the morning, especially when you're already taking half an hour to work on your makeup. Wouldn't it be so much easier if we could just roll out of bed and go without spending time on our appearance when we could spend that time on something much more important?
Unfortunately, as women we don't take our appearance very lightly and for that very reason we must look at least half presentable at all times. To cut down on time, especially when you have to make a quick store run, but don't want to get super done up -- we have compiled a list of both easy and effortless hairstyles perfect for those on the go mission.

The Shake and Go:

Quite possibly the quickest and easiest hairstyle there is. Throw some spray or oil into your tresses. Massage the product in, shake and go. Pretty simple.

The Ponytail:

The classic ponytail. It's been around for ages -- we've all worn one at least once in our life. Whether you have shoulder length hair or hair down your back, grab your hair and throw it into an effortless ponytail.

The Bun:

You already know how we feel about our buns. You can never go wrong with throwing your hair up in a bun. Since we are going for effortless, it doesn't necessarily have to be nice and neat. Sloppy buns for the win.

The Half Up Half Down:

A rendition of both the bun and ponytail -- it's totally up to you. Pull the front of your hair up and leave the back down.

The French Braids:

In most cases when it comes to braiding your hair, it's always easier to find someone else to braid your hair -- unless you're skilled in that department. With that being said, french braids are pretty easy and convenient. Talk about nostalgia.

The Curling Wand:

For those ladies, who want to go the extra mile and throw a couple curls in their hair in less than 10 minutes -- grab your curling wand and go to work. You look beautiful either way.