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Believe it or not, your outfit and styling does not stop at your neck. To make an outfit perfectly complete, it is essential to make sure that your hairstyle complements your outfit and makes it one perfect package. Here are some tips to achieve style perfection.
Updos and high-neck tops
One of the biggest styling mistakes when it comes to hair and fashion is overcrowding the neck. If you want to wear a high-neck top, make sure that your hair is not competing with your cute shirt or dress.
Low-cut top and long hair
The reverse of the above tip is also true. If you are wearing a low-cut dress, wearing your hair down is a great way to make sure you still keep it classy. Wearing your hair up with a low-cut dress can make it look like you are showing a little too much skin.
Bobs and embellished tops
If you are wearing a top with some sort of embellishment on the fabric, make sure that your hair is out of the way. Even if you don't have shorter hair, like I do, you can achieve a wavy bob with a faux bob look. You can also pull your hair back to let your embellished top do all the talking.
Make sure your colors don't clash
Colored hair is very trendy these days: from neon blue to subtle ombre. As someone who is obsessed with changing up my hair color, I say go for whatever color you want! But make sure that you wear clothes that don't clash with your hair color. If you decide on a red hue, don't go out wearing a green top (unless it's around Christmas). If you go towards a neon hue, like Demi Lovato in the above picture, I suggest trying to keep the majority of your pieces neutral colors.
I remember all the girls freaking out about this before prom in high school. How you do your hair can TOTALLY change your look!
@caricakes Agreed! I used to always leave my hair down because I didn't want to spend time on it, but I've learned that it can really make or break an outfit